Rental Rates and Policies

We welcome your inquiries about the Stafford Centre. You can find our Rental Rates here – but always talk with Stafford Centre Management about your specific event for the most accurate quote based on your particular needs.

Tours of the facility are given by appointment only. Please call 281-208-6900 to schedule your appointment.

The following is a general summary statement of the Stafford Centre Operating Policies. A complete listing of all Policies and Procedures in detail is available here . (requires Adobe Reader).

General Policy Statement:
Stafford Centre retains the right to alter, change, enhance, remove or adapt any and all policies listed here or provided to prospective event producers prior to the execution of a License Agreement.

Exclusive Services Policy:
Peace Officers, alcohol sales and distribution (except for festival field events), exhibit booths, temporary utilities and communication.

Non-Exclusive Services Policy:
Stafford Centre retains the right for approval of the services providers.
Food and non-alcoholic beverage sale and distribution, audio visual equipment and labor, event staffing, security (except Peace Officers), ticket selling, decorator services, tables, chairs, etc.

Parking Policy:
Stafford Centre retains the right to charge a parking fee per ticket sold, per registration or per attendee.

Stage Management Policy:
Stafford Centre reserves the right to either provide or approve all stage, equipment or prop labor.

Kitchen Utilization Policy:
The Stafford Centre kitchen is restricted to clients contracting for the use of other spaces in the building. For more information please contact Stafford Centre Management.